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Dotted Hoodie Dress
One Of A Kind
Black and White cotton weave hoodie dress with a red hood on the back and mesh lace sleeves.

Designer Melissa Lockwood creates one of a kind dresses by repurposing left over fabric pieces that are being thrown out by larger brands and fabric houses. She is passionate about both saving the planet from further unnecessary waste and at the same time creating unique pieces.

One of a Kind

MATERIAL: Repurposed Cotton Weave and Mesh Lace

COLOR: Black, White and Red

SIZE + DIMENSIONS: This fabric is stretchable and can fit USA size 0 - 6.

Emerging Designer from Brooklyn, New York
Black with white dots dress in a cotton weave with mesh lace sleeves and red hoodie on the back.

Designer Melissa Lockwood creates these one of a kind dresses from left over fabric scraps that would normally be thrown out. She cares about both creating unique items while at the same time helping the environment and the needless tossing out of usable materials.

MATERIAL: Cotton Weave and Mesh

COLOR: Black, White, Red

SIZE + DIMENSIONS: This material is stretchable and can fit sizes 0 -6.

Emerging Designer from Brooklyn
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