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VESTIPHOBIA by Uta Bekaia Fashion Show

Saturday night the artist and fashion designer Uta Bekaia invited us once again into his world where he presented his latest collection of art-wear works. Filled with smoke the dark room was solemn and heavy. The audience was transcended in a fantasy of an apocalyptic celebration that came to life through movement, video, music and text. He featured parts of ancestral rituals with elements of Butoh (Japanese Theater) , 19th century circus, and contemporary dance.

The stage was conceived as a fashion arena where costumes were the embodiment of animal instincts, dreams and desires. Digging in the unconscious’ most primal nature – violence and sexuality – VESTIPHOBIA offered a contemplation of vileness’ hidden beauty.


photo by: Levan Mindiashvili

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.48.28 PM

photos by: Andrzej Bialuski


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.48.10 PM

photos by: Andrzej Bialuski

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.47.12 PM

photos by: Andrzej Bialuski


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.46.55 PM

photos by: Andrzej Bialuski



photo by: Levan Mindiashvili


photo by: Levan Mindiashvili

Georgine at New York Fashion Week – NYFW

Georgine was definitely one of the best runway shows we have seen this New York Fashion Week. We have attended the show before and loved their feminine, luxury, high end designs but this show knocked out their previous ones!

This show demonstrated a lot of innovative textures, nature inspired sequin flowers and insects, flowy fabrics, sheer materials, etc. which we appreciated so much! There was a lot of color and fabric blocking which was something we saw in a lot of other shows but Georgine definitely executed it in one of the most creative ways out of everything we have seen.

Below is a collection of some of fave fashion looks from the Georgine


Parkchoonmoo at New York Fashion Week – NYFW

This has been the third time we have attended the Parkchoonmoo fashion show during fashion week and this time around, we were just as impressed as always!

Parkchoonmoo is known for their delicate yet structured designs involving heavy weight fabrics that flow like soft weight fabrics. This show exuded that along with some cold weather accessories that complimented her designs such as arm muffs, faux fury hats, clogs, etc.

Below is a compilation of some of our favorite looks and pieces put together from the show that illustrate just that!