5 Accessories Every Woman Should Have

5 Accessories Every Woman Should Have


Fashion is something that every woman can do, even if their idea of dressing up means putting on jeans instead of leggings. Regardless of what type of style you have, what type of clothes you like to wear, or just your general overall take on fashion, there are certain elements that every woman should own. After all, you can add to any style with a few key pieces, so why limit yourself if you don’t have to? Below are five accessories every woman should have in her possession.

1. Watches

Watches are a great accessory for any type of style, whether you’re going out for a night on the town or just hanging out with your friends. There are many different styles of watches, ensuring you can find something that matches your specific outfit. Whether you’re looking for a specific color or material, there’s something that will help make your outfit pop—and ensure you get places on time.

2. Boots

Shoes can be a passion for some women, but even if you’re not a shoe connoisseur, there are certain ones you need to have, and boots are one of them. And since they come in so many different styles, you can easily fill your closet with different sizes and colors. For instance, having a nice pair of Old Gringo boots is great for those casual days. After all, cowboy boots make a statement (and they’re also extremely comfortable). In addition, think about snagging some ankle boots as well as those that come under or over the knee. Colors like browns and blacks will match just about anything, but other colors can also be the piece de resistance to your outfit.

3. Purse

For most women, your purse is your lifeline. You have everything you need in this bag, no matter the size, and it’s something you cannot live without. In order to use your purse as an accessory to your outfit instead of as a necessity, be sure to get purses in different styles and looks. This way, you can have the right piece to accent your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing.

4. Scarves

Scarves came back in as a fashion statement a few years back, and they haven’t left. With different patterns and materials, scarves are a great choice because they can do many different things. For instance, blanket scarves made from thicker material are great for keeping you warm on winter days. Opting for a lighter color scarf can simply add a touch of color to a bland outfit, and those with patterns can work as the highlight of your entire ensemble. No matter your goal, a scarf can be a great help, especially when paired with cute shoes and cute jewelry.

5. Jewelry

Speaking of jewelry, it is a major fashion accessory. With so many different types to choose from—earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.—you can have an item (or two) that stand out and help make an outfit pop. For instance, a nice clunky necklace can really help pull an outfit together and create an eye-catching look. If you want something subtler, pearls or silver jewelry is exactly what you need to make your outfit complete. Obviously, jewelry can also work with your specific style, so don’t hesitate to try something a little risky.

Accessories are a great way to enhance an outfit or simply show off your own unique style. No matter your own take on fashion, be sure to have these five accessories at your disposal.

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