Rebecca + Olivia Acar, Sister Duo Curator Team for German Cities: Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf

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Oliva+Rebecca copyPhotographer: Stefan Feldkeller

The sisters Olivia and Rebecca live, work and laugh in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Olivia isn’t only a full-time student but also a full-time esthete. Learning about the human psychology and getting inspired by past and current philosophers during most of her week, she spends the rest of her time surrounded by fashion: As a shop assistant, she wraps her customers in Scandinavian garments. She loves to experiment with clothing and already used her styling skills to perfect the model’s look during photo productions. On the weekends the hunt for beauty and uniqueness takes place on another battlefield: The flea market. If you really want to take home something special, you definitely should join Olivia when shopping here. The next step on her mission: Finding interesting and exciting designers. Her partner in-crime: Her sister Rebecca. <br><br>

After eight years of work in fashion retail and studying communications, Rebecca now works as a PR professional where she helps lifestyle brands to appear on the customers’ radar. Getting to know brands and detecting what’s making them incomparable is part of her daily work. Part of her daily relaxation routine is taking her knitting needle or crochet hook and doing some handcrafting – There aren’t really enough winters to wear the amount of the self-made headbands piling up on her desk.

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