Dayanne Danier: Curator for Haitian Cities Port au Prince + Jacmel

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Dayanne Danier is a Haitian-American fashion guru with her own fashion label whose experience in the industry extends over a decade. While growing  up  her influence on style evolved at a very young age from her Creole father’s emphasis on the importance of image: 

“Growing up my dad would always say to us, kids make sure you are Bien Abyé, you don’t want people talking about you!” 

Danier attended Massachusetts College of Art where she studied fashion design and later worked as a designer for companies like Perry Ellis and Phillip Van Heusen. While achieving career success, Dayanne now travels between  New York and  Haiti while working on numerous projects. In 2011, she worked with a sewing coop teaching them pattern drafting and construction techniques. She was also involved with the very first Haiti Fashion Week where she led a seminar on marketing and branding to designers. And when that was not enough, she cofounded of a non-profit organization called Fleur De Vie (means Flower of Life) whose mission is to support struggling organizations whose focus is to implement positive change in their community in the areas of education, health, and environmental sustainability.

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