Fashion Bloggers and Style From Germany by Global Garbs Founder Lauren Tanaka

Germany is home to some of the most stylish people in the world. It seems like everyday there is a new fashion blogger popping up on the street style scene, or a new “it” designer that just so happens to be from Berlin.

Germans have a keen sense of style, and below are five completely different fashion bloggers who are sporting one major fall trend, which is wearing black and white.

Although wearing black and white can seem so boring, it’s actually quite a statement. The two contrasting colors can look either polished and sleek, cool and hip, or chic and sophisticated. The five women below represent all age ranges, they are all from Germany, yet they are all sporting their version of what they consider to be trending from a black and white trend perspective.

This trend may not be the most outlandish and daring trend of the season, but wearing these two non colors is definitely a look that all major trend setters have thought of as their easy “go-to” outfit to look pulled together and chic. Think of wearing black and white almost like a staple trend that is overall classic depending on how you style each piece.

For example, our first featured blogger Caro Dauer below shows off her feminine yet masculine ensemble with her delicate and subtle floral tunic and leather pants combo that add just the right amount of toughness to her otherwise feminine top half.

Meanwhile, Kaj Lydia pulls off a sportier, almost avant guarde look with slouchy pants, sneakers and white leather jacket. Her hairstyle alone gives you some insight about who she is from a personal style standpoint.

If you’re looking for some amazingly unique pieces from Germany, check out Umasan. Their pieces are masculine yet unisex with interesting cuts and draping. Pair with some white and you’ve got the latest trend seen amongst the Germans and around the world.


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