Fashion Insider City Guide: Fashion Blogger and Founder of Emerging Label Style Fiesta’s Local Mumbai Favorites

Masoom Minawala, the Founder of the label Style Fiesta, was also listed in Vogue India as one of “India’s Top Fashion Bloggers”. Her blog, Style Fiesta Diaries, expresses her fun and playful personality. She is the type of girl everyone wants as a best friend and she really believes in making her fun and playful fashion pieces affordable for everyone. Not only are Masoom’s pieces under $100, they are all even under $50…. for real.

Here she shares her favorite local spots of her native Mumbai, India,

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Favorite Restaurant :
San Qi
Address: No.1/136, Dr. E. Moses Road,
Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra
400018, India
Phone:+91 22 2481 8000fashion-blogger-insider-city-guide-four-seasons

Favorite Nightlife Spot
Aer – Four Seasons
1/136, Dr. E. Moses Road
400 018 Worli, Mumbai


Favorite Place to Unwind:
“My Terrace”

The one thing to do if you are visiting for one day only?
“Go to marine drive and sip on a cup of hot tea.”
Marine Drive is 4.3-kilometre-long boulevard in South Mumbai in the city of Mumbai.


Favorite local beauty and or health product?
 herbal moisturizing creams.”


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