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La Mode by GV Miao – an Oriental Perspective’s Fashion Project of the Year 2015 – Read below to learn about all the designers who will be a part of it!

Save the date: October 4, 2015
Invitation for Marie-Antoinette Fashion Show Paris, France - 4 October 2015 -- La Mode by GV Miao


Marie-Antoinette pre Paris fashion show photoshoot (HK) 1

Background of La Mode by GV Miao ‘s Fashion Project of the Year:
Hong Kong-based fashion blogger/marketer Vicki Victoire (pseudonym: Gwen Vikkey Miao) of La Mode by GV Miao – an Oriental Perspective founded La Mode by GV Miao’s Fashion Project of the Year in 2014 which embodies her blogging mission to help her favorite emerging design talents from all over the world, especially Asia gain a foothold in the top global fashion capitals that she has set herself when she first blogged 5 years ago. This much-anticipated annual project kicked off with the co-organized New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza 2014 – fashion show last September
featuring 4 young, up-and-coming Asian/Hong Kong designers representing the categories of couture, jewelry, handbag and millinery, which finished successfully with great feedback received from the public. Unlike other fashion shows at the commercialized fashion weeks, all invitations to designers to participate in La Mode by GV Miao’s shows are not made in a random manner; GV Miao herself solely handpicks every participating designer whose collection showcased reflects her personal taste in fashion as a blogger.
For this year’s La Mode by GV Miao’s Fashion Project of the Year, GV Miao and her designer duo
composed of Suu Ho of 1.618 Couture and Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image will be at Tiffany’s
Fashion Week Paris Season 4, a platform for future design stars around the world to shine on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in the form of competition on October 4 – as the headlining designer to kick off the opening show with their alluring, sumptuous, and well-thought-out from head to toe reine mythique : l’éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette (Faraway Queen: the Forever Blooming Marie-Antoinette) collection. Initiated and themed by GV Miao and brought to life by the handpicked Hong Kong couturier Suu Ho teamed up with milliner Angel Wong, this Marie-Antoinette-inspired collection, painstakingly created and with its own unique character, is the modern interpretation of the everlasting fashion icon of the 18th century Europe from an Asian perspective, the glamest and exoticest representation like nothing else paying tribute to the legendary last queen of France.

About reine mythique : l’éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette collection (Faraway Queen:
the Forever Blooming Marie-Antoinette) Delicately crafted from silk chiffon and perfectly tailored, the 12 exquisitely embellished and hand embroidered corset gowns with indulgent layers of sassy lace and tulle meet their respective unexpectedly striking, whimsical, and extravagant fascinators maximally adorned with elaborate ornaments, feathers, and beaded blossoms that remind the Petit Trianon, impeccably paired and matched and ornate jewels to reach unprecedented levels of sheer ethereal beauty and decadent luxury.
The 12 heavenly looks classified into 3 distinct groups convey a multi-faceted Marie-Antoinette: an innocent, vulnerable, and pastel young princess; a majestic queen in her expensive leather pannier dress that swishes and sways with her every move; and an enchanting and desirable social butterfly rocking every late night party at the Château de Versailles. Shades from cream to black passing through greyish mauve, soft pink, aqua, lemon and a touch of gold glitter for the color palette.

Marie-Antoinette pre Paris fashion show photoshoot (HK) 2

Marie-Antoinette pre Paris fashion show photoshoot (HK) 3

Profile of Vicki Victoire (pseudonym: Gwen Vikkey Miao), founder/blogger of La Mode by GV
Miao – an Oriental Perspective; founder of La Mode by GV Miao ‘s Fashion Project of the Year;
co-organizer of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza 2014 – fashion show
Vicki Victoire, known by her pseudonym Gwen Vikkey Miao, a fashion blogger/marketer and now also a fashion show organizer of Hong Kong origin first started her blog La Mode by GV Miao – an Oriental Perspective in 2010. Her multicultural background has exposed her to various lifestyles and different attitudes towards fashion while strengthened her ties with the motherland and her pride of being a Hongkonger.

Having worked in visual merchandising and marketing for the brands such as Ralph Lauren and TSE New York, GV Miao has been trained to have a good eye on fashion and luxury goods. She doesn’t believe in fashion as an individual entity; it has got to be related to history and culture. She is especially keen on the design inspired by oriental aesthetics. Being conscious of her Chinese heritage, she tends tomake her blog unique and genuine by specializing herself in oriental-inspired fashion with eastern motifs cross-fertilizing western styles which brings an exotic feel to it.

GV Miao has set a mission and vision for her blog to bring any potential Asian designers to the world’s attention. Considering that their lack of financial resources is always a major obstacle for many rising independent designers to moving their career goals one step forward, she feels an urge to spread the word about the best new talents and young designers from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, etc., and make their name known and their works seen.

That paved the way for the launch of 2014’s debut New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza – fashion show organized in the name of her blog under La Mode by GV Miao’s Fashion Project of the Year.

Designer bio of Suu Ho, couturier & founder of 1.618 Couture:
Suu Ho, Hong Kong born couturier specialized in corset making and founder of 1.618 Couture, studied fashion textiles and graduated at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London, UK.

After graduation, she worked for world renowned designers such as Julien MacDonald and ThorntonBregazzi at Preen. These precious experiences have served as a great inspiration to her design.

Suu launched her brand 1.618 Couture in 2009. Her one-of-a-kind couture gowns and bridal dresses are the perfect blend of modern elegance and European classiness.

Designer Angel Wong: Milliner and Founder of Angel Wong Image:
Based in Hong Kong, Angel Wong founded Angel Wong Image 10 years ago in 2005, also one of the 4 featured designers in the debut New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza 2014 – fashion show in September 2014 representing the category of millinery. She plays a double role as professional makeup artist and self-taught headpiece/accessory designer. She perceives and interprets aesthetics in a comprehensive way, which makes her pursue creating harmony of the total look. She is good in designing superiorly crafted large-scale fashion pieces exuding a sense of elegance and sophistication yet fun.

Our team behind the making of reine mythique : l’éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette pre fashion how photoshoot (Hong Kong)
– Project initiator: Vicki Victoire (Gwen Vikkey Miao) of La Mode by GV Miao – an Oriental
– Photographer: Harris Hui of PASM Workshop
– Designer: Suu Ho of 1.618 Couture (couture dress) / Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image (millinery and jewelry)
– Make-up artist: Angel Wong / Candy Lam
– Hair stylist: Tea Choi of T’z Studio
– Model: Brittany M.

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