Curator Jordy Tulleners Modeling Shoots

Jordy Tulleners is the Curator for Runway Passport’s Los Angeles and Antwerp (coming soon) boutique.  When he is not scouring emerging and creative designs to bring onto Runway Passport he spends his time modeling for amazing photographers. Check out some of his work below.

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Doors-Eva-Marie Guggenberger

fe928d_93c4217a57d54cd797b86a5b7ff95ded.jpg_srz_p_243_366_75_22_0.50_1.20_0  Photographer -Jono Madison I Styling- Grooming -Malcolm Joris I Photographer-James Loy-Styling-Grooming-Malcolm Joris I

1- “Doors”:  Photographer Eva-Marie Guggenberger
2 – Portfolio Shoot
3 – Photographer:  Jono Madison I Styling-Grooming: Malcolm Joris
4 – Photographer: James Loy I Styling-Grooming: Malcolm Joris


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