Elie Saab @ Paris Fashion Week AW15

BY Cecilie Arling. Paris Fashion Editor

PAP AH 15-16_(53)-2

The Elie Saab Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection, was both decadent and elegantly mysterious.

Structured silhouettes looked strong and modern with a feminine twist. Cigarette pants cut high, styled with matching tops, along with light chiffon shirts and blazers were also sent down the runway. The AW15 collection was made up of skirts and dresses that elegantly highlighted the waistline, as well as beautiful evening dresses that were created in light soft floating fabrics. Other key items of the collection were the coats, which were all kept powerful and feminine.

PAP AH 15-16_(45)

Elie Saab’s Autumn/ Winter collection featured a forest-like leafy lace combined with a beautiful mixture of fabrics which created an elegant lace pattern. Additionally, a harmonious vibrant print inspired by a forest was illustrated with a few bright tones appearing and lighting up in the darker tones of the collection.

The color palette was inspired by a fall walk in a forest, which included colors such as military green, black, petroleum and bright deep red, and vibrant blue and a few dark navy silhouettes.

Fox fur, chiffon, and lace were some of the main fabrics in the Elie Saab AW15 collection. Sophistication and elegance were just some keywords highlighting these well chosen fabrics.

PAP AH 15-16_(11)

Elie Saab creations made Fall 2015 look much more mysterious and sparkly! In general it’s always a pleasure to see the latest work from Elie Saab!

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