The Seasons Ahead section is great if you are a designer who has a collection or even a piece or two in your collection that requires a minimum quantity to produce and you would need the money upfront to produce it.

The process of applying to be a designer is identical which you can view HERE.

– as a designer you may choose one or multiple pieces which require a minimum order to produce.
– this piece will still show up among the other items in your city and boutique but it will be labeled “Seasons Ahead”
– this means that a certain number must be ordered in advance to get produced
– the customer orders the piece paying cost (the lower you keep it the easier it will be to promote so try to keep it as low as needed since this amount will be non-refundable, the customer is taking a risk). The wholesale amount is held on their credit card.
– if enough people order the item, the cost amount, which is nonrefundable, is charged to the customer
–  if not enough people order the piece, then the cost amount is returned to the customer by said date
– once the piece is produced the customer then pays the rest of the amount.
– since the customer is taking a risk and buying it with no returns policy we do offer them a discount.
– customer pays a non-refundable minimum cost rate in advance.
–  In the end you should get wholesale plus 15%. Runway Passport gets 20% of retail which will also be shared with our local curator. The remainder is discounted from the retail rate for the customer.

– What if I want to sell a variety of pieces and only one or two need to be sold under Seasons Ahead?
That is fine.  You can choose any amount of the pieces that are accepted onto Runway Passport to sell on Seasons Ahead from zero to one to all of them depending on your own production needs.

– What if the customer wants to return it?
Our policy is we accept no returns on any Seasons Ahead so you are protected and don’t eat the cost.

– Who Handles Shipping?
The designer handles shipping. All shipping within the country must be offered free to customers. The designer has the option to offer free overseas shipping to the customer. If you do not offer free overseas shipping, the customer is charged a flat fee competitive rate for shipping which is paid in full to you (the designer). If the rate of shipping is higher than the amount paid, you must make up the difference.

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We look forward to learning more about your designs!

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