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Take a peek! Australian fashion designer’s favorite spots of Melbourne

Fashion Designer Timi Alaere’s Local Favorite’s of Melbourne

the botanical - melbourne restaurant
TimiAlaere’s Favorite Restaurant #1
The Botanical
169 Domain Road – South Yarra VIC 3141

red hot walk1
TimiAlaere’s Favorite Restaurant #2
Red Hot Wok
313 Toorak Rd South Yarra, VIC 3141


Oriental Tea House
TimiAlaere’s Favorite Restaurant #3
Oriental Tea House


spice market - melbourne - nightlife
TimiAlaere’s Favorite Nightlife Spot
Spice Market
Beaney Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia





Blogs to Follow- RP Interviews Ashley Guyatt from Los Angeles + San Diego


NAME: Ashley Guyatt
WEBSITE/BLOG: Polka Dots & Sailor Stripes – http://polkadotsandsailorstripes.com/
CITY + COUNTRY: Los Angeles + San Diego, United States


I had a serious Pinterest & Fashion Blog addiction where I would just spend hours upon hours of looking at other blogs and outfit ideas. I realized that showcasing my favorite outfits on a blog was something I could also do myself, so I decided to go for it!



For a while I had a hard time buying anything that wasn’t striped or polka-dotted. I am always drawn to the two patterns, and I have even been known to wear them together. I decided that it was a good representation of how my style goes back and forth from girly to edgy, and from casual to fancy…depending how I feel that day. I never know what I am going to get when I go into my closet, and that is reflected on my blog. Each post is different from the last, and my style can never really be defined. Polka Dots & Sailor Stripes was something I felt sort of just summed up the two different sides of me!



My blog focuses heavily on budget-friendly outfits. I myself am on a very strict budget, and when it comes to shopping, there’s not much spending room in that budget! I have mastered the art of finding diamonds in the rough, and picking items that only look like they came with a heavy price-tag attached…but you will find by reading my blog, these gems are almost always $50 and under.



My personal style changes every day, depending on the weather, my mood, my day’s activities, etc. I sort of just walk into my closet, stare at everything, and figure out what feels like “me” that day. My style ranges from extremely girly and kate spade obsessed, to ripped boyfriend jeans and booties when I want to just look “effortlessly thrown together” and borderline grungy. I am not sure why I can never stick to one style, but it seems to work! My clothes help me be whoever I want to be that day.



I would have to say that in this point in time, it is Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde. Not only does she have the best hair EVER, she throws together simple, timeless pieces, in the most effortless way. She’s also the reason my lipstick collection has increased drastically!



Oh goodness, this is a tough one! There are so many talented designers that I have come in contact with through my blog, and I am so thankful to know them all! I am probably the most smitten with a new jewelry designer that I just recently got connected with. Her jewelry pieces are so so delicate, and very unique. I find myself reaching for the bracelets and rings I have from her day after day. Her name is Diana Ho and her jewelry line, Diana Ho Designs, is currently sold on Etsy. It’s amazing.



I would say Pinterest is by far my favorite. I could get lost on that website all day! Another website I check daily is Barefoot Blonde because like I said in a previous question, Amber Fillerup is my #1 fashion icon at the moment! I also love love love Cara Loren’s blog. She is really good at looking effortlessly put together as well, and definitely has an edgier side that I love to channel on certain days!



I go through moments of hating my entire closet, so right now this is really hard to answer! I would have to say my white coat with fur on the bottom half. It’s not a piece that I get to wear very often, but it’s one of those pieces that I want to put on display because I think it’s just so darn pretty. I love it!


Ashley Guyatt - Fur Coat



My favorite book(s) at the moment are actually a series by G.J Walker-Smith. It’s such a silly little love story that follows an Australian girl and a Parisian-American guy from NYC, but I love to just unwind and get lost in it after a long day of working. I think it’s the hopeless romantic side of me that can’t get enough of it!

My favorite movie is and will always be ‘A Lot Like Love.’ Partly because I am obsessed with Ashton Kutcher, but mostly because I think it is such a good love story. I am a sucker for romance movies, and I love the way this movie shows that if it’s meant to be, it will be no matter where life takes you. It’s the best!
My favorite band, you’re going to laugh, is One Direction. No shame! I am obsessed with Harry Styles. Even if I am a couple years older than him, I don’t even care!! Haha…but really. They are my favorite. 😉



Oh my goodness I don’t even know!!! I would have the most insane outfit-anxiety of all time planning for a lunch like that! I would probably stick with a flattering, bright dress from kate spade, with a cute eclectic coat over it, maybe leopard print or something fun! For shoes, I would definitely stick to a pair of mid-height heels (just so I don’t trip…I am extremely clumsy!). I think that it would be a sophisticated choice that is not only fool-proof, but also fashionable.



I have been absolutely obsessed with Blank Space by Taylor Swift. So good, and so fun to sing at the top of your lungs in the car when you’re stuck in traffic!



Atlantic-Pacific is definitely a favorite of mine; I get a lot of outfit inspiration from Blair Eadie and try to recreate her beautiful looks with more affordable options.



Oh man…definitely when I bought a pair of kitten heel, sling-back, pointed toe shoes in black AND white. I thought they were the perfect shoe for everyday, and every outfit…and I definitely used them that way! They even had a little bow on both toes. So bad. So much regret. My only saving grace is that I was only 13, so I had a lot to learn.



1 – If you like it, BUY it.
2 – If someone else hates it, BUY it (unless it really is terrible). A lot of my favorite pieces have come from this philosophy; your style is different than anyone else’s, so don’t let them decide what you’re going to wear for you.
3 – If something is just a little too big or a little too small, pass on it. I have fallen into this trap so many times, where it is the last one, and I just have to have it. But you have to remember, it will never fit you well, and you will always wish it was different! In fact, I am wearing a pair of heels that are just a tad too big as I write this, and I regret it every time I wear them. Be patient and keep looking! If it’s not meant to be, don’t force it.



That has to be a cheese & charcuterie plate, paired with a glass of red wine, and followed up with yummy dark chocolate. I think I could live off of this diet (I blame this on my time studying abroad in Italy).
Ashley Guyatt

Boutique Curator: Katya Ellis for AUSTRALIA

Visit City Pages: Sydney / Melbourne
Explore Boutique Pages: Sydney / Melbourne

katya1 copy

Katya Ellis has been a lover of fashion, and immersed in the Melbourne fashion scene since she was a little girl, but professionally since 2007. Initially working with labels of all sizes in Melbourne and Australia wide through her textile business – Melbourne Textile Agencies. The inspiration resulting from working with fabrics inspired Katya to develop a fashion label with design partner Sarina Zammit, called Mina & Katusha in 2008.

Seeing a gap for accessible and affordable fashion week events for emerging fashion brands, Katya founded Made in Melbourne (Fashion), and annual event promoting Melbourne’s independent designers during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. The event has been running since 2009, and in 2013 showcased 16 Melbourne labels to an audience of over 400. This year Made in Melbourne (Fashion) has evolved to become a Melbourne designer hub.

In 2011 seeing more gaps in the market for affordable retail and marketing services for designers, Katya co-founded Gusto & Elan, a boutique designer market space in the heart of Melbourne’s independent fashion district Fitzroy. Gusto & Elan has become the go to place for Australian and International labels ready to take the brands to the next level in Australia and abroad.

2014, saw Katya organise a trade event during New York Fashion Week for Australian designers, and has many exciting projects in the pipeline.


Curator Jordy Tulleners Modeling Shoots

Jordy Tulleners is the Curator for Runway Passport’s Los Angeles and Antwerp (coming soon) boutique.  When he is not scouring emerging and creative designs to bring onto Runway Passport he spends his time modeling for amazing photographers. Check out some of his work below.

Visit City Pages: Los Angeles / Antwerp (coming soon)
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Doors-Eva-Marie Guggenberger

fe928d_93c4217a57d54cd797b86a5b7ff95ded.jpg_srz_p_243_366_75_22_0.50_1.20_0  Photographer -Jono Madison I Styling- Grooming -Malcolm Joris I Photographer-James Loy-Styling-Grooming-Malcolm Joris I

1- “Doors”:  Photographer Eva-Marie Guggenberger
2 – Portfolio Shoot
3 – Photographer:  Jono Madison I Styling-Grooming: Malcolm Joris
4 – Photographer: James Loy I Styling-Grooming: Malcolm Joris


Jordy Tulleners: Curator for Los Angeles + Antwerp

Visit City Pages: Los Angeles  / Antwerp (coming soon)
Explore Boutique Pages: Los Angeles / Antwerp (coming soon)

“It’s incredibly rewarding and satisfying to be contributing to an artistic fashion concept, such as that from an emerging brand”. Jordy

DSC_9665 copy

Back in 2011 Jordy started his career in the fashion industry as a model in Belgium, Europe. Shortly afterwards in 2012 Jordy moved to Los Angeles where he divides his time now between LA and Belgium. He’s been traveling all over the globe to be representing established- and emerging designers by inhabiting their visions and designs. Because of his expertise in this field, Jordy has an excellent understanding and passion for the emerging designer and their goals.


Curator Telena Cassel for African Cities

Visit: Addis Ababa City Page,  Dakar City Page
Explore:  Addis Ababa Boutique , Dakar Boutique 

1 Telena Cassell

In the last decade, Telena Cassel has divided her time growing up between West Africa and the US. After graduating from Dartmouth College, she served as a “Tourism and Beauty Ambassador” for Liberia and went on to become a  “Goodwill Ambassador” for The Republic of the Gambia.  During her time as a pageant queen competing on the international pageant scene, she forged important relationships as she competed in pageants and travelled to many countries including Ethiopia, The Gambia, Philippines, Morocco, China, Japan and many others. After competing in her last beauty pageant, Miss International in Macao, Telena went on to attend law school at Howard University School of Law to add law to her expanding knowledge base. Telena is also an entertainment legal scholar with an official affiliation with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

She has made a name for herself as a member of the Executive Board for Fashion Law Week (held annually in Washington D.C), a board member of the Liberian American Community of Southern California Association and as an advocate for African Fashion. Telena has impeccable taste, an eye for what is new, and a complete insiders knowledge of the fashion scene in many areas of Africa where she has helped clients with marketing and public relation efforts. Telena is also the creator of TheFashionBrewery.com and the soon to be released site featuring resort style—http://meetmebytheh2o.com/

Kristina Berg: Curator for Stockholm Boutique

Visit Stockholm City Page
Explore Stockholm Boutique

“I just love the idea to walk in to a boutique where you can buy beautiful pieces created by talented designers from all over the world. That is one of the reasons for me to be a part of the fantastic Runway Passport.”

KristinaBerg_RP_Sweden copy

Job: Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant at Resultify

My name is Kristina and I have always been passionate about fashion and design. The style I prefer is sophisticated and tasteful, yet with a twist in the details that stand out in the crowd. Usually, I think the most creative and innovative designs are from the smaller and unknown designers. I will find the best designers to share with you and let you explore the amazing fashion scene in Sweden!

I just love the idea to walk in to a boutique where you can buy beautiful pieces created by talented designers from all over the world. That is one of the reasons for me to be a part of the fantastic Runway Passport.

Dayanne Danier: Curator for Haitian Cities Port au Prince + Jacmel

Visit City Page: Port au Prince
Explore Boutique Page: Port au Prince


Dayanne Danier is a Haitian-American fashion guru with her own fashion label whose experience in the industry extends over a decade. While growing  up  her influence on style evolved at a very young age from her Creole father’s emphasis on the importance of image: 

“Growing up my dad would always say to us, kids make sure you are Bien Abyé, you don’t want people talking about you!” 

Danier attended Massachusetts College of Art where she studied fashion design and later worked as a designer for companies like Perry Ellis and Phillip Van Heusen. While achieving career success, Dayanne now travels between  New York and  Haiti while working on numerous projects. In 2011, she worked with a sewing coop teaching them pattern drafting and construction techniques. She was also involved with the very first Haiti Fashion Week where she led a seminar on marketing and branding to designers. And when that was not enough, she cofounded of a non-profit organization called Fleur De Vie (means Flower of Life) whose mission is to support struggling organizations whose focus is to implement positive change in their community in the areas of education, health, and environmental sustainability.