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Hello all my fashion lovers, all around the world. My name is Morgan Bethel and I’m here to bring you a #NYFW #SS16 #FW15 RECAP!..from my eyes of course. I have a personal style, fashion and lifestyle blog called HangitupLA. Los Angeles based, but a wanderer at heart. Make sure to visit my page.

Enjoy Bisou Bisou M.


On New York Fashion Week eve, I attended Rootstein #ROOTSTEINXTHEBlONDS with my fabulous babe Joanna Strangreciak, owner of Le Chic and #NYFW partner n crime! Le Chic is a  fashion accessory company that caters to all different types of women and their style…a def must see! Check out my favorite looks from Rootstein. The sexiest,most stylish mannequinns I have ever seen X


AUG 10Th: Showtime: 

Let the magical madness begin..First stop, The Australian Women’s Wear S/S16 Runway Show at the Chelsea Piers, Studio 59. Shout out to all the Australian designers, it was an incredible show BEC & BRIDGE , Tatiana.Light, Duskii … just to name a few. Check out some of my favorite looks from the show

Sabo LuxeIMG_0413IMG_0412

Mauricio Alpizar SS16 AustraliaIMG_9184IMG_9187IMG_9195

Tatiana LightIMG_9270IMG_9272IMG_9276IMG_9278


UP CLOSE and Personal…En Route to Natori IMG_9297 2

Later that day, after the clouds rolled in and it started to rain.. I ended up at the Skylight At Clarkson Square for Josie Natori . Elegant evening wear, that will make you do a double take. Her collection is Asian painting inspired pieces with bold brushstrokes, contrasting colors, sexy silhouettes with modern belts and kimonos. #Detailingonfleek

Josie Natori IMG_9411IMG_9324IMG_7961IMG_9309IMG_9311IMG_9315IMG_9445IMG_9446IMG_8014IMG_8033-2

Fashion week continues and the next stop is Jay Godfrey  at the Chelsea Piers, Studio 59. All white everything for SS16…check out my favorite looks.

Jay Godfrey  SS16 FW15IMG_9598IMG_9558IMG_9563_2


Onto contemporary, sporty and chic at the Chelsea Piers, Studio 59 for Berenik SS16 Runway show. Where the perfect blend of elegance and comfort came together.

Berenik SS16 FW15IMG_9738IMG_9691IMG_9693IMG_9688


Saving the best for last… my final recap is Michael Costello.. Front row and center, to see those gorgeous vintage inspired gowns and jumpsuits come strutting down the runway. Giving us major GLAM! Absolutely stunning!

Michael Costello SS16 FW15 Runway ShowIMG_9885 2

PICS BELOW BY Michael Sosinski FOUNDER OF Spin My Planet -14-1image4-2image1-15image1-16image4-3image2-5image3-2image3-3image1-14

Spin My Planet – Move the mouse or finger (smartphones & Ipad) sideways over the photo – SPIN


All in all #NYFW #SS16 #FW15 was a huge success and an incredible experience. Can’t wait for the next one. I will leave you with some tips on how to stay energized and looking fresh faced during #NYFW.


1. Make sure to start each day with a hearty breakfast – You will be non stop on the go once the shows start and you wont have time to eat lunch everyday. I found that eating a big breakfast kept me energized throughout the day and on the move.

2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day – Not only was it humid in New York City, but it was extremely hot. Record breaking heat. Its important to keep your body and skin hydrated in this kind of weather…To avoid drying out your skin and exhausting yourself.

3. Beauty Sleep – We all know New York is the city that never sleeps. However it is crucial to get in those Zzz’z. Your body and mind will thank you. Especially the next day, when you have to get up for a whole day of fashion week shows and events.

4. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes – If your anything like me, you love a good pair of high heels. But lets be realistic…10 days straight, day and night isn’t practical. Make sure to bring comfortable yet stylish flats to mix into your fashion week wardrobe. Your feet will thank you.

5. Game Plan – Definitely take the time to organize and plan out each day…outfit in all. Its impossible to make it to every show, but going into each day with a game plan helps you keep it all together.

6. Essentials – Every girl has them. And for me it was my Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray with aloe. (hydration in a bottle). Olay facewash. My MAC lipsticks. Curling wand. Sunnies. And my compact camera.

7. Enjoy – Take the time to stop and appreciate the city, restaurants, nightlife, runway shows, and events. It will flash by quickly, so make sure to capture those life lasting memories. After all it is #NYFW and a dream come true.


XX HangitupLA

PS Special thanks to Runway Passport xoxo